Why PUBG Mobile fans should not upgrade to Apple iOS 13


PUBG Mobile has asked its iPhone users not to upgrade to Apple’s iOS 13 update. Here’s why.

Apple’s latest iOS 13 update brings a great many features, but it’s not bug-free. If you’re a PUBG Mobile you should skip the iOS 13 update on your iPhone. Even PUBG Mobile has acknowledged the issue with Apple’s new software and is working on a fix right now.

Apple introduced a new three-finger press-and-hold feature aimed at improving text editing with the iOS 13 update. The feature, however, is breaking the PUBG Mobile gameplay. Users reported that they were facing difficulties when trying to use more than two fingers when playing PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. The moment they use more fingers, apple’s new text feature pop-ups in between the game and disrupts the session.

“iOS 13 text editing gestures killed 4 finger claw. Touching with 3 fingers will open the above bar in game(screenshot). Please release a fix for this. Total game killer at the beginning of season,” wrote a user on Twitter.

“how to disable 3 finger formatting bar ? Its very annoying when i play pubg mobile game. Always appear when i walk,shoot and scope in wilful. So guide me how to disable or remove that annoying feature in ios 13. Thank You,” wrote another

PUBG Mobile was quick to respond to the latest iOS 13. “We are aware of an issue for players who upgraded to iOS 13.0, where touching the screen with 3 fingers will trigger an iOS function and interrupt the game,” the company said.

“We have already raised the issue with Apple, and we will continue working with them to resolve the issue. We suggest players who play the game with 3 or more fingers do not upgrade to iOS 13.0 until this issue is resolved,” it added.

Apple is expected to fix the bug with the iOS 13.1 update which is set to roll out on September 24. The new update is expected to bring several features that couldn’t make it to the recent iOS 13. The new mobile OS update will be accompanied by iPadOS, a dedicated platform for Apple’s tablet users.


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