Throwback: When Salman Khan beat Katrina Kaif up for wearing a figure-hugging, cleavage-revealing dress now see


There was a time when Salman Khan was quite obsessed and protective about Katrina Kaif when they were in a relationship and things have not changed a lot till date. The two dated for almost four years before they called it quits but the love and bond of friendship between them didn’t fade away with time. Even after going through a bitter break-up, Salman and Katrina are still cordial with each other and share a mutual admiration. But there was a time when the ex-couple had a disagreement over Katrina’s costume for a song in Kabir Khan’s directorial Ek Tha Tiger in 2012.

Salman and Katrina had parted ways in 2009 after four years of dating but agreed to share screen in Ek Tha Tiger because there was no animosity between them. And as we know how Salman immerses himself completely into the scenes with his co-stars right from their looks to portraying their respective characters on screen.
And while the two of them were shooting for a song of their hit film, it was reported that Salman had allegedly beaten up Katrina for wearing a “figure-hugging, cleavage-revealing dress that showed too much skin.” It was also this time when the rumours of Katrina and Ranbir dating had started doing the rounds in the industry.

“Salman was supposedly sitting out on the set, waiting for his heroine to emerge from her vanity van. When she did, it was allegedly in a figurehugging, cleavage-revealing dress that showed too much skin. Or so Salman is said to have felt. Irritated, he supposedly questioned her about what she was wearing and why. Katrina apparently shrugged her slim shoulders and quipped that it was the director’s decision. A perfectly legitimate response but one that evidently caused her ex-beau to flip his lid. ‘I’ll see your director!’ he is supposed to have retorted hotly, before allegedly breaking out into a torrent of foul language. But worse was apparently yet to come,” read the cover story of Cineblitz’s July 2012 issue.
The said story had created quite an uproar in the industry and among their fans but Katrina’s friend had soon rubbished the story saying that it was completely untrue.

“This is completely untrue. Salman and Katrina chose to work in the same film because there was no animosity between them. They got along famously during the Dublin and the Istanbul schedules. Salman cares for Katrina a lot. She is like family. People make up a lot of stories. Only because they couldn’t keep up to their commitment of making an appearance at an awards function, rumours started flying,” Katrina’s friend was quoted as saying by Mumbai Mirror in 2012.
The said story had created quite an uproar in the industry and among their fans but Katrina’s friend had soon rubbished the story saying that it was completely untrue.
The friend had further slammed the magazine questioning, “How did the magazine know what happened inside Katrina’s vanity when she had locked it? Kareena visiting her friend Salman doesn’t necessarily have to be instigated by a phone call from his co-star,” adding that “Kat has many projects lined up. She doesn’t have time for silly rumours generated by the media. In fact she had to turn down Karan Johar’s offer of Dostana 2 because she couldn’t adjust her dates.”

However, director Kabir Khan did confirm that there was a disagreement between Salman and Katrina on Ek Tha Tiger sets over the outfit in the song.
“Katrina and Salman go back a long way. He was very involved in their scenes together and her costumes. They have a certain equation. Even Salman seeks her opinion. But yes, there was an incident where they disagreed over Katrina’s costume in the song. It was over a particular cut in the black blouse she has worn with a yellow skirt,” Kabir Khan had told Mumbai Mirror when he was asked about the alleged incident.

While the two contrasting take on Salman-Katrina’s fiasco had generated a lot of curiousity among their fans to know exactly what had happened between the ex-lovers, the matter had died its natural death as time marched on.