Ranveer Singh reveals the beautiful reason why he moved into Deepika Padukone’s home after their wedding


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone moved into her home after their wedding and not his. He has now revealed why he decided to do that.

Actor Ranveer Singh may be setting new goals for grooms-to-be everywhere. After his wedding with actor Deepika Padukone, the couple decided to spend their married life together in Deepika’s home and now, he has revealed the reason behind it.

Talking to Today magazine, Ranveer said that they arrived at the decision to live in her home and not his because he didn’t want to ‘displace her’. “I’ve grown up seeing a marriage where the attitude is to make it work regardless of anything. A marriage is a commitment, out is not an option. So whatever you have to work through, you do,” he said. “The most sensible and convenient thing was for me to move into her set-up. She is comfortable there and I don’t want to displace her. I always try to give her priority.” However, the same report also mentions that the two are now looking for a bigger home to move into.

Deepika had also said it in several interviews since her wedding that she cherishes having someone to come back home to. She spent all her working life in Mumbai, living by herself but is happy after her wedding to spend the rest of her day with Ranveer