PUBG MOBILE Season 10 items leak: New emotes, headgear, skins and more coming with next update

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Every now and then, PUBG MOBILE gets a new update that either adds new gameplay content or brings in a new season. Just a few days ago, the developers finished rolling out full contents of the version 0.15.0 update, eventually rolling out Payload mode boasting of helicopters and rocket launchers. With that out of the way, the PUBG MOBILE team is now prepping to push out the Season 10 update to the game, complete with a new theme with content and prizes.

According to the popular PUBG MOBILE tipster Mr.GhostGaming, the Season 10 update is being prepared and as with every new season, this one will have lots of new in-game content along with new passes and missions. The Season 9 is reaching the end of its cycle and PUBG MOBILE could rollout the Season 10 update very soon to the stable version of the game.

The Season 10 will come as an update to the game but it is said that it will be rolled out as an in-game update and hence, there won’t be any additional download from the Google Play Store. The tip also says that the update won’t bring any additional new content or change to the game apart from the Season 10 content.

Players will be offered two different passes for Season 10, namely Elite pass and Elite Plus pass, with the latter offering premium content than before. As a visual theme, the Season 10 update will take inspiration from the Fury of the Wasteland theme. For the Season-themed goodies, PUBG MOBILE will offer Season 10 Parachute skin along with new skins for the M249 and M416 Assualt Rifle. There will also be a new Dacia skin. As part of the new outfits, the Season 10 update will include new headgear themed on Irradiated Frog Set, Apocalypse Guardian Set, Desert Trooper Set and Snowflake Girl Set.
The Season 9 will end on November 9 and it is expected that Season 10 will come in a few days after that. Hence, if you are busy collecting Season 9 rewards, you should hurry up as it’s hardly a week before it ends.

Recently, Fortnite also ended its Season 10 but it was marked with one of a kind in-game event. Fortnite players witnessed a mega apocalyptic event in the game during the closing hours of the Season 10, with an asteroid wiping out the entire map and leading to a black hole consuming everything. The black hole later gave out a brand new map with the Chapter 2 Season 1 update, complete with new activities and weapons.


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