PUBG LITE is finally here in India and despite being on beta mode, the game delivers a super battle royale experience. The best part about PUBG LITE is that you are getting console quality gameplay with advanced physics in a game that can run on your basic laptop as well..Similar to PUBG MOBILE, the PUBG LITE has lots of in-game materials that players can buy in exchange for in-game currency for the ultimate experience. In order to help new players, Jio has jumped into the scene and has come up with new rewards for players.

Jio has partnered with the PUBG LITE team and has come up with exclusive rewards for players who have a Jio connection. The Indian telecom operator has offered a special new promotional offer that brings with itself a chance to ear free skins in PUBG LITE. If you play PUBG LITE and have a Jio connection, you can head over to and register yourself for the promotional offer.

Players need to register for the offer by filling in their credentials. It is important to note that players need to have an active Jio connection in order to avail the offer. Once the player fills in the form and submits it, Jio will send a verification email to confirm the credentials. Post the verification, Jio will send a gift code to the same email ID. The player will then need to use the sent code in the game to redeem the benefit. Jio states that the gift includes exclusive skins and other in-game items.
Now Jio hasn’t stated any particular reason for this free gift to PUBG LITE players but it seems that Jio wants to take a different route in order to get more young subscribers on board with its services. PUBG LITE relies on a stable Internet connection and Jio has some interesting data plans for players to play this game. However, like all PC games, PUBG LITE requires lots of data to work and Jio’s data vouchers could be of great help here.

PUBG LITE itself is still in beta but it offers an authentic PUBG experience to gamers who don’t have access to high-end laptops or gaming PC. Like PUBG Mobile, PUBG LITE is free to download and play for everyone. The game right now offers three popular PUBG maps – Erangel, Sanhok and Miramar. Players can only participate in Classic mode matches with up to 100 players together fighting it out to win all matches.


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