Google removes 28 fake apps from Play Store Now Quick See


Google has removed 28 fake apps with collective installations of over 48,000 from its Play Store after a report from Quick Heal Security Lab. The security firm pointed out that all the apps were made by the same developer, ‘Sarvesh Developer’.

These include apps like Virtual Data, Mini Wallet, Gold Loan, Love Lifafa, Chit Funds, and more. According to a Quick Heal blog post, the apps “do not have any legitimate functionality related to App name”.
For instance, in the description of one such app called “Credit Card Process” was mentioned that it is to “provide credit card process”. However, the app did not actually include any information related to the credit card process. “Home Load Advisor” app is another such example.
The apps promised money to its users in their Paytm account when they completed certain tasks like click on ads, download apps, etc.
Several users pointed out on the comments sections of the fake apps that the money did not get transferred to their account. Instead, the apps would show a notification in Hindi stating the payment could not be made because of server or technical issue and users will get their money soon.
The fake apps with malware were variants of Android.Fakeapp.A. The most downloaded app was Virtual Data with over 10,000 downloads, followed by Bike insurance Advisor, Health Cover and Chit Funds with more than 5,000 downloads each.


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