5 nicknames of Tollywood stars we bet you did not know – Now Check


Film stars, like us, have the most interesting nicknames. Stars are often referred to by a different name by friends, family members, colleagues, and filmmakers. Like Kareena Kapoor Khan is called Bebo and Hrithik Roshan is referred to as Duggu, similarly, Telugu stars have their own unique nicknames that aren’t often revealed. While we do know that Allu Arjun is called Bunny, do you what stars like Rana, Prabhas, Ram Charan and Jr NTR are called? Find out right here:

Allu Arjun:

As we all know, the stylish star of Tollywood is called Bunny by his close friends and family members. But did you know that he also has another nickname? The actor is also called Mallu Arjun by his fans in Kerala, where he enjoys a huge fandom.
Ram Charan:

The power star of Telugu cinema is often called Cherry and that’s a name he has had since his childhood days. Rana Daggubati, who was his classmate in school, calls him Cherry even now. Ram Charan was crowned mega power star by his fans after entering films.

He is one actor who enjoys great stardom in the Telugu states and is fondly called Young Tiger. But, did you know he also has a nickname which is used by people close to him? Jr NTR is also called Tarak, which is known to quite a few of his fans.
Mahesh Babu:

The superstar of Telugu cinema is called the Prince of Tollywood and he was crowned this ever since he made his debut two decades ago. But did you know there is another name by which he is referred to? Mahesh Babu is called Naani by his family members and close friends, and this is one thing we bet you didn’t know!

The darling of Indian cinema is also called as ‘darling’ by his friends and colleagues from the industry. And he too has quite a few unique nicknames. Prabhas is also called Pubsi, Prabha and Mr Perfect by many people, depending on how close they are to him.
Rana Daggubati:

The Bhallaladeva is known to be very close to several members of the film industry, which makes it obvious that he would have different nicknames. But he has one name that many didn’t know. Allu Arjun once tweeted and wished Rana on his birthday and addressed him as Fireeee, and since then it became one of his unique nicknames.


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