4 reasons why your perfect girl crush should be Erica Fernandes!


If you were looking for a perfect female television star to crush on then you can finally end your search on this sultry talented beauty, Erica Fernandes. Last year, she made her way into every Indian family’s hearts with her picture perfect performance in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, as Dr Sonakshi Bose, which eventually became a household name.

Now, actress Erica Fernandes is back to win hearts with her portrayal of Prerna in the comeback of all-time favourite serial, Kasautii Ziindagi Kay.

Crushing on Erica Fernandes definitely needs no reason but we still have four best reasons why she is the girl to be crushing on:

1: Her unique style statement- casual, chic and simplistic!

2: Her active YouTbe channel that she runs with the utmost diligence has won us over in many ways! With over 400K + subscribers, actress Erica Fernandes showcases do-it-yourself videos on make-up and stylizing and she also has an instastore of Fashion accessories. You go girl.

3: Her many many talents! Not only is she an amazing actress and established YouTuber, fashion icon Erica Fernandes is also an amazing painter, artist and likes to bake in her free time as well. Powerhouse of talent, don’t you think?

4: Finally, if you really need more reasons then you should know about her love for travel! Her travel diaries and desire to keep the wanderlust in her alive is what makes her all the more adorable and perfect to crush on.

There is no doubt that she is extremely talented, but to see her pose like this and look all natural and pretty, just melts your heart, doesn’t it? She sure is a star in making but if you are looking for the perfect crush material then she’s already there!


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